Microcon® AS

The Microcon® AS is a HEPA filtered combination air scrubber and negative air machine designed for use during construction and disaster restoration projects. Airborne mold spores and other hazardous airborne debris generated during the remediation process are quickly and reliably controlled. Designed for versatility and portability, it can be utilized as either a negative air machine or air scrubber.

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The unit can be set-up to create negative pressure by drawing air from an enclosed space using flexible ducting. This allows contamination to be contained and prevent migration of pollutants outside the pressurized area during the construction process. As an air scrubber, it is portable, compact, lightweight, and maneuverable making it ideal for small volume applications and where space restrictions exist.

The housing is heavy-duty galvanized steel with a baked-on enamel finish, mounted on wheels with durable handles. The blower fan is maintenance-free and the HEPA filter is a high capacity, self-sealing design with an optional activated carbon cell available. Filter change-out is easy and safe. Hazardous filters can be removed safely using a bag-out disposal system. An 8″ duct collar is attached to the inlet and outlet face for easy connection to flexible ducting.

The Microcon® AS can be fitted with RGF’s HALO LED air purification system for added control of mold, bacteria, virus and odor within the occupied space.