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Environ Safety™ is a leader in delivering Active Air Treatment™ that is safe, proven and effective in neutralizing dangerous pathogens.

Our mission is to bring critical scientific and engineering advancements in air purification to environments that need it the most.

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Active Air Treatment™ Systems

Active Air Treatment is now essential to the environments that we live, work and play. The EPA and Congress have declared indoor air & surface to be one of the most serious environmental health problems. Environ Safety has worked for over 10 years with partners delivering the next level technology and products for ongoing 24/7 air and surface purification.

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Why Active Air Treatment™ Systems are Critical!

Innovation and advancement in the buildings that we frequent the most for work, on-the-go and at home, are designed to keep naturally cleansing outdoor air from getting into our environments. The Uniform Building Codes (UBC), are so effective, that once a virus or pathogen gets into your building, it is free to travel throughout the air and surface with little to stop its spread.


Leader in Active Air Treatment™ Systems

Environ Safety entered into a global partnership with RGF Environmental group to distribute air and surface purification systems into casinos, integrated resorts, arenas and convention centers. Based out of Las Vegas, with a team of local industry leaders, Environ Safety is dedicated to the safe reopening of the hospitality and entertainment industries.