AirMation® Vehicle Exhaust Removal

When vehicles sit idle, particulate matter, carcinogens and other harmful contaminants are released into the air. The AirMation® industrial air filtration system extracts vehicle exhaust emissions and other hazardous airborne pollutants, delivering a continuous supply of clean air in fire stations and garages.

Provide a safe, healthy workplace without the need for unsightly hanging hoses, restricted pathways, building or vehicle modifications. Protect your team from diesel fumes, soot, airborne particulates, noxious gases, VOC’s, welding smoke, carbon monoxide (CO), lung damaging dust, oil mist, metal grindings and more with the AirMation® multi-stage progressive air filtration system.

Independent testing has shown that AirMation® cleans the air to containment levels far below OSHA and NIOSH standards.

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Vehicle exhaust residue not only adheres to walls and other surfaces, it also becomes embedded in clothing and furniture where it can be absorbed through the skin. Based on studies from the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), it is recommended that diesel exhaust be regarded as an occupational carcinogen (causing cancer).

The AirMation industrial air filtration system removes the particulates, contaminants and carcinogens that migrate into your building when vehicles idle. AirMation controls diesel fumes and soot, smoke odors, noxious gases, VOCs, welding smoke, carbon monoxide (CO), dust, oil mist, and metal grindings. It is a multi-stage progressive air filtration system designed to clean the air and protect employee health.

Airmation® PHI – Filter Particulate and Purify your Air
The addition of RGF’s PHI Cell® to your Airmation® introduces the power of advanced oxidation technology (AOT) proven by independent laboratories to destroy mold, odor, VOCs, bacteria and virus. Unlike passive PCO/UV systems, the Airmation®® PHI-Cell® process sweeps through your facility actively purifying pollutants at the source. Experience the clean air difference with Airmation® giving you better air every second of every day.

AirMation is powered by a variable speed, direct drive blower that draws vehicle exhaust and pollutants into the filtration media. The purified airflow is reintroduced into your facility through a baffle box attachment that deadens noise levels while diffusing and dissipating the clean filtered air.